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Opposite poles and 31st December


I don’t know what to say.  I am wordless today by your overwhelming comments. 
Thank you very much.  How do I thank you all? All those who wrote on my posts and also those who didn’t comment, but I know they all read the posts.  What else can I have than the love of you all?
When I started off Opposite Poles, I was not sure about its success.  The serial was already called off air.  I thought the blog of this serial will also be brought down.  So I attempted to start my own blog.  I am still an amateur blogger.  Most of the things I don’t know yet.  I remember when I posted my first part on this blog and wrote on MyED that I have started my blog.. I got 107 hits in a day.  I thought it is ok! At least 100 people took trouble to visit the blog.  I kept on posting regularly and today the page visits has crossed 156346...! I mean that is a good number right?  The average page visits per post are around 500.. That is also a good number i believe. 
Ok this was regarding my blogging experience.  I started off many things like learning me and i like it.. i still wish to continue.  But due to my time crunch I couldn’t contribute much.  But i want to continue with that with your help. 
The first comments were ranging between 2 and five.  And yesterday I received 60 comments for my last post.
Many of you raised a doubt that how can it be prequel to 31 st dec? 
Many of you have already read it.  You must have observed that the seeds  are sowed here in OP.  31st was initially very immature and childish because it was my first attempt.  But I wish to rewrite it again with the same plot.  That plot is very dear to me! I truly believe 31st is the sequel to OP.  I wish to prove that to all those who doubt its continuity to OP.  Of course with your help and support as readers.  Hope you all continue to read the posts.
About the template and starting 31st on a new blog, Many of you didn’t like the idea.  If you all want me to continue here on the same blog as continuation of OP .. I would love to do that. 
Special thanks to smisham... who suggested that the end of this story is like intermission and will soon continue as 31 dec. Or as the next updates...! Love you for this ! I had never thought of coining it as intermission of a movie...! Love the idea.  So if you all agree, We will say this was an intermission, and the story will continue incorporating the plot of 31st Dec with new twists and turns..! What say?
Thank you once again for your overwhelming response.  I am beholden to you all for that.  Its because of you all, that I could write at such level.  If you see my first few myviews you will know my journey from 31st dec first myview to 142 part of OP. 
Thanks a lot once again and hope to meet you all with our revisit tothe Pind! Of Khushi’s 31st December..!!

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Opposite Poles

“That’s it! Gentlemen, Thank you!” ASR concluded the presentation by deleting the last couple of slides apologizing for the oversight.  

“Why was that removed?” one of then asked knowing the prime location of that building. 
“That was inserted as a place holder.  In fact a new acquisition of old building has been made and soon will take the place of the last two slides...!” ASR gave a lame excuse.  

“Umm.. may be we can take it further next week.” He was in a hurry to conclude the session.  Khushi was inside waiting for him.  A person opened his mouth to mouth out his doubts, but ASR cut him off.
“I will address all your issues and doubts in the next meeting.. This is it, for now! Thank you!” He concluded abruptly not paying any attention to the murmur.  He switched on the lights and the people filed out of the conference room.  He waited stiffly till the last person went out and dashed to his private room.

He froze at the door.  For a moment he thought, he had done that! It looked the same when he shattered everything in anguish! His room was shattered completely and he screamed looking for Khushi.  The lights were put off.  Her white dress and sky blue dupatta with twinkling stars on it glittered reflecting the light coming from the ajar curtains. He switched on the lights.  She was holding a jagged piece of shattered mirror with both her hands, up at eye level.  “Khushi!” He ran forward to snatch it away from her.

“What the hell!” he managed to snatch it from her in time.  “Looking at my shattered fate!” she said in a hollow voice.  “Khushi..!” he tried to hold her hand.  

“Don’t touch me!” she yelled pacing backwards stepping on the shattered mirror shards and tripping over the scattered books all over.

“Khu..!” he tried to hold her but she pushed him away.  “No!” she said raising her finger. He looked at it but she didn’t bother to take it back.  He gaped at her.  She looked around and at the open door.
“Thank you for everything..!” she blurted moving towards the open door.

“No, Khushi..!” he leapt forward and grabbed her shoulder stopping her desperately. 
“Let me explain..!” he said under his breath looking at her expressionless face.  She had closed her mind.  He shook her.  “Khushi, listen to me! It is by oversight.  I forgot to remove the slide..!” he told her the truth.  She gaped at him.  

“I prepared those slides...!” she looked up at him.  “Yes!” he admitted tightening his grip on her shoulders.

“These slides were not there, when I prepared the presentation...!” she said standing expressionless.  Only her lips spoke.  “Yes..!” he said searching for some trust in her eyes.  “You inserted the slides..”
“Yes..! But..” he admitted again.  He saw nothing in her eyes.  “And you say you forgot to remove..!” He felt trapped.  

“Khushi.. trust me! I forgot!” he said trying to close the gap between them. 
“You bought my house from the bank!” she looked like a ghost.  “Y..Yes!” he knew he was digging his grave.  He could feel that she was drained out of all her energy and collapsed on the floor.  He sat down holding her.  

“Khushi, Trust me! I have no intention to touch the building..!” he urged desperately.
“You inserted those slides.. why? Why do you want to remove them now?” she asked stabbing his heart.  He had no answer.

“As a big favour to me?” she asked getting up.  He didn’t even remember when exactly he had inserted those slides.  She stood back dropping her shoulders hanging her head. 

“Its over! Everything is over!” she blurted turning her back on him completely dejected.
“No Khushi!” he came around to face her.  He couldn’t bear her dejection.  “Khushi..!” he pulled her in a tight embrace. “I am sorry..!” he buried his face on her shoulder.  She didn’t react.  His hands slid down after a while when he felt he was hugging a stone sculpture.  He stepped back, looked at Khushi’s face.

“Khushi..!” he cupped her face in anguish.  “You got to believe me, I have no intention to do anything with your house.... in fact it is ...!” he couldn’t complete

“When did you buy the house?” she asked in a whisper looking somewhere unfocused. 
“I know.. after the fashion show... to take revenge ... for what I did to your show..!” she herself gave the answer.   “The kill is complete now! Khushi is killed! She  lost to Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada! A complete defeat! I surrender..” she blurted kneeling down on the floor.
“No! Khushi..!” he pulled her up again, as if trying to pump in some life in her lifeless body! He had no explanation for buying her house.

“Khushi, I promise.. I will not touch that building... I will protect it..!” he said trying to hug her again.  She raised her hand.

“Protect it? By demolishing? Erecting a skyscraper in that place?” she asked him remembering the elevations shown in the slide.  She turned dejected. “Stop it ASR sir! Whom are you kidding?” she raised her voice for the first time.  

“Stop it Khushi! I told you! It was a mistake...I forgot!” he said grabbing her little forcefully, not knowing how to convince her.  She looked up. He fell short of words...
“I have seen you doing your homework thoroughly before even a small meeting..!” she  rendered him speechless.  Silence prevailed.

“It is ok, Arnav ji! I again ended up in a mess.  Had I not come here,  everything would have gone smoothly... you wouldn’t be explaining anything to anyone!” she said for the first time with quivering voice.  She was heartbroken.  

“Babuji ko pataa chalega to woh to mar jayenge! What if babuji comes to know about this?” she lost her heart collapsing under the pressure.  The quiver turned into uncontrollable tremble.  She couldn’t stop her sobs.  He stood there speechless gaping at her outburst.  

“No, Khushi... stop! He know...!” but before he could complete,  she blurted out hysterically, losing her senses.  He couldn’t speak straight and she couldn’t think straight! They both were losing the battle.  

“Nothing is left now! Buwaji is right! I am a bad omen! I have to be blamed for whatever happens around me! I..I should go away... from everyone...” she had reached the door blurting incoherently.  He stood in her way.  She didn’t even resist standing  like a statue.

“Damn it, Khushi! Listen to me!” he ordered grabbing her shoulders and pushing her in again.  She didn’t retaliate.  But before he could speak anything..

“I had come here to request you to write my.... huh.. huh...”she sobbed in between.  “But you did that already.. you sealed my fate.. wrote my destiny... !” she was incoherent in anguish, pressing her chest to breathe.  He embraced her with moist eyes.  She broke away from him...
“I think, devi mayya sent me here for know the reality..!” she said.  He held her hand.
“Khushi, sit here! I can explain!” he tried to pacify her making her sit on the bed with torn bed spread on it.  She went ahead blurting.  “I.. I thought I know you... but I was wrong... completely wrong.  Zero marks..! “ she sobbed.  He sat by her side putting his hand around her shoulder.  She shook her head with a doomed feeling.  

“Khushi, listen to me! Trust me!” he again tried to explain in vain.  “Did you? When I was shouting my heart out that i came onto the ramp by mistake, that My Jiji’s marriage was at stake? That I was not the thief, that I don’t do everything for money?” she asked him stabbing his heart deeply.  He realized what he had done to her and what she must have felt when trapped her every time.  This time, he was right, but had no explanation.  

She stood up, “No use!” she said standing in that scattered room like a white, put out candle.  “I should be going..!” she said in a bear whisper.

“Damn Khushi.. I am telling you to listen to me! damn it!” he could do nothing but yell at her at the top of his voice.  The trapped feeling tormented him.  She shuddered with the yell and hung her head.  All her fighting spirit was buried under the elevation of the proposed building in place of Gomti Niwas!
“I promise.. I will keep the building intact!” he could only do that.   She looked up in disbelief.  “You want me to believe you?” she asked.  He gaped at her.  “Why will you do that, Mr Businessman?”  she asked.  He again had no answer.  She walked away.

“We are on opposite poles... we can never...!” she sobbed hard trapping her breath in her chest.
“Khushi...!” he put his hand on back rubbing it to sooth her.  “No!” she paced backwards. 
“We can never understand each other... We are opposites... we are to turn our backs on each other... We can never leave our poles... cannot ... !!” she blurted taking a step out of his door.  He stood there like a statue.  He had nothing to explain; she was not ready for any explanation.  He clenched his fists in dejection.  “Khushi!” he gritted his teeth.  

He looked up and froze. She had come back... he went ahead to hold her thinking she has returned to listen to him, but she had not finished yet.

She rummaged in the bag in vain.  Frustrated she started pulling out her things from her bag on the only intact table.  He gaped with open mouth shocked to the core.

“What..?” he couldn’t comprehend.   Finally she poured everything from her bag pulling the insides out and it fell on the table with a reverberating clatter.  He looked at it with utter bewilderment.  She picked it up and pulling his hand kept the Mannat Key on his palm.

“I think this was the reason, why we kept meeting.  It’s over.  Our small world is shattered.. where only two of us shared some moments...everything is gone... I don’t want to keep it!” she looked into his eyes for the first time and said like a death declaration repeating his words at Mazaar..”Keep it, throw it or swallow it! I don’t care!” she turned and went away with an empty bag forgetting to collect even her money pouch, her dupatta stuck in the door knob!! She didn’t bother to extricate!
“Khushi..!” he floundered clutching his mannat ki chabi.  The connection was broken.  Their secret world where only the two were together had shattered completely... The key was repossessed by mighty ASR!  His vault like heart was locked forever.  No one had the key now!  He wouldn’t open it for anyone!
Khushi had gone...!

*************    **********   ********
“Chamakili...” Lavanya screamed over the phone, in the evening when Khushi had returned home and was in the kitchen making Jilebees..!

“Khushi... congratulate me...We are getting engaged... ASR agreed finally!” Lavanya screamed in euphoria.  Khushi froze.  The jilebees from the ladle fell down in the frying pan again splashing the oil.  Khushi jumped back in fright.

“Khushi..?” came a call and she came back to her senses.  “Congratulations Lavanya ji.. I am very very happy for you!” Khushi said forcing a smile on her face. She disconnected to see Sham leaning against the door.  Her last ray of hope was snatched away.  She was ready to sacrifice herself now.
“We are on opposite poles... I can’t even dream about him now!” she turned her back hanging her head.

They both didn’t know... They were not ‘on’ opposite poles..But... they were the opposite poles! They were magnets!.. bound to attract each other... and once they met.... never to part away!! Devi Mayya was still smiling on them.  On him for  being her ladlaa... and on Khushi for being her own child..!!


The End

Opposite poles .... They need to be separated to face each other to experience the same attraction and stick together forever....!
Thank you!!

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I know you all are disappointed.  Si here is some respite for you.  My 31st December, a sequel to Opposite poles is here in a revamped state with new writing...! 

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Opposite Poles..Part 141

Part 141

 “Chalo Biwi...!” Balwindar Singh was all set to airlift his wife to his Pind in Punjab Hussainiwala! He felt better.  At least she was ready to come to Pind after a decade.  He held her hand bending down to plant a kiss on her forehead.  She smiled faintly.

“Ab Chalo!” she said pushing him lightly.  He smiled.  The car took them to the helipad and they were off to their Pind.   

“Blawindar.. I wish to go to Bhagat Singh Memorial first!” she said and he nodded.  He had a piece of agricultural land in Tediwala village near Hussainiwala.  He craved for Satlaj.  

“Are you ok?” she asked him and he nodded smiling with tearful eyes.  “Biwi!” he gripped her hand in the helicopter.  They were flying to their Pind.  “I know, good things are round the corner... Something good is going to happen... I know!” he prayed Wahe Guru hoping for the best..!

“Balwindar..!” his wife called him.  “Biwi, we will stay there for as many days you want.. and then come to Delhi.  I can even postpone my meetings and cancel my appointments..!” he was overwhelmed.

“No need, Balwindar, we will come to Delhi in time..!” she said knowing the importance of his business.  He nodded looking at his wife.  “Biwi.. promise me! We are not going to miss them...!” he said gravely and she turned her face.  “I can’t! “ she withdrew her hand.  “But I promise, I will not mention their names..!” she consoled him.  He looked at her wiping off his tears.

***********    **********    ********

“Khushi..!” Payal had tried everything to cheer her up in vain.  Khushi was all lost.  Buwaji had not spoken anything.  Amma had refused to come out from Babuji’s room.  Babuji had never stopped crying.  Sham never went out.  Khushi had stopped talking to anyone.  Her mind racing for the solution, she seemed to give up.  She never resisted to whatever sham said or asked her to do.  Payal floundered.  She knew what Buwaji must have told Khushi.  She felt Khushi’s helplessness and anguish.  She couldn’t do anything.  She couldn’t go against Buwaji.  She had no confidence in herself.  Her Amma was equally helpless. “What would they do if Buwaji asked them to leave the house?” Payal had no answer.  She was cornered from everywhere.  She couldn’t find any solace in Khushi’s company as Khushi herself was helpless.

“Khushi... you can invite your close friends, in the neighbourhood!” Sham gave her the concession.  He was not for, for inviting the Raizadas, as they were sickly rich and that would mean more spending on the guests..!

“No, Sham ji, you are right.  I am not inviting anyone!” Khushi had given up.  “Khushi..!” Sham looked very happy.  Khushi smiled but it didn’t carry to her eyes.  Sham didn’t bother.
“Umm.. Khushi, once the engagement is over, we will go to Lucknow!” he said holding her hand.  Khushi’s eyes lit up for a second and then looking down, she nodded.  “And we will take those Property Papers from the locker.  Buwaji’s house and Gomti Niwas..! We need to see what best can be done to save both these properties..!” Khushi still was looking down.  

“Khushi.. I am sure you will take a wise decision...!” she remembered her babuji’s words and she looked up.

“I mean.. we need to do something.  Don’t worry! I can manage everything, Khushi! But I need to see the original papers..!” he said assuring her, his full support.

“I will not give you those papers, Sham ji! I will fight till the end, but will not give you those property papers!” she thought with determination and got up to go.

“Where are you going?” he asked.  “Mandir!” she said.  He too got up but she already had gone out of the house and hailed an auto.  He sat back knowing that Khushi will return soon.

********  ******  *********

“Do you really think, Devi Mayya? Should I do it?” she kept on asking her Devi mayya.  Finally she made up her mind and came out of the Mandir deep in thoughts.

“I have only one person to turn to.. ! I don’t know what will be his reaction.  But I need to ask him...!” she said loudly hopping into the auto.

“Hello?” Khushi called with bated breath, on phone, after dialling the number and was picked up!
“Khushi?” Came Aman’s voice and Khushi was puzzled.  “Aman Sir! I wanted to talk to Arna.. ASR Sir!” she said stuttering.  

“Khushi, he is in a meeting!” Aman said.  “On a Sunday?” she was puzzled.  “Yes, he is talking to the financers..!” Aman mentioned its importance.   “Ruko  ruko..!” she tapped on the Auto wala.
“What?” asked Aman confused.  “N..Not you, Aman Sir, Sorry!” she apologized.  Aman smiled.
“How are you Khushi?” he asked relaxed.  After a long time, he was talking to her.

“I am fine, Aman Sir! I mean.. umm.. do you have any idea when the meeting will get over?” she asked desperately.

“In fifteen minutes or so.  I mean thats what ASR sir said that he has another meeting after that..!” Aman informed and Khushi disconnected feeling more desperate.  “If I reach there in time, may be I will be able to talk to him between his two meetings.. if he agrees!” she calculated instructing the auto wala to turn.

She reached office to find ASR still in the meeting.  She waited in Aman’s cabin for some time, but had to get up when Aman got ready to push off for the day.  It was a Sunday afterall.  The office was empty except for the security guards.  

“Khushi, you can wait in Sir’s cabin..” Aman suggested and Khushi climbed up ASR’s cabin.  She looked around.  Nothing was changed.  She could sit there for few minutes and got up restlessly.  “What if he starts the next video conference call immediately? I should tell him that I want to talk to him..!” she thought and entered his private room which connected the conference room and his cabin.  She pushed open the conference dark room to see the illuminated display screen.  ASR was busy with his presentation  “Oh! I mean I am sorry... This Last slide.. I am sorry genglemen.. Please ignore this slide.  It is by oversight... This is not a part of the project...!” and she looked at the screen to freeze!
ASR had not seen her yet.  “What? Gomti Nivas? This is my house!” she said aghast looking at the slide displayed on the screen; and he came he turned around !

“Khushi...?” he was shocked to see her figure at his room door and looked at the screen again.  He leapt forward not bothering about the glaring financers.  “You ... you are demolishing my house?” she spoke in shock and turning her back broke into a run.  He ran behind her and caught her from behind in his cabin.

“Khushi..! Wait here! I will be back!” he dragged her struggling figure into his private room.
“You are ... you are demolishing my house... huh..”she sobbed hard..!

“Khushi..Thats not ...... Stay here! I will be back! I will explain!” He knew that the Financers were waiting for him in the conference room. He knew what blunder he made by leaving that slide in the presentation...! He must explain!  He locked Khushi up in his private room and returned to the conference room.

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Opposite Poles..Part 140

Part 140
“Sham babu, take care of yourself first, then talk about my vested interests.  Your brother in law has filed for reopening the accident case of Prashant.  He mentioned that he has some evidence to suspect murder..!” said the voice from other end.  Sham froze.

“What? Why?” he was nervous.  “I don’t know, but he knows that you had a joint bank account with Prashant.  He has furnished the account number and requested for the bank statement!” came the response and Sham gritted his teeth. 
“Saale Saab, you don’t love your sister anymore, I believe.  Otherwise you wouldn’t have gone against my advice to close the enquiry! Now you will see what happens to your sister. I really pity her, and her blind love!” Sham smirked.
******   *********   ******
“What?” Arnav got up with a jerk picking up his car keys.  “Don’t worry Chote, Damaad ji is here.  She is alright!” said Nani and he looked shock.

“Was he there when this happened?” he asked with bated breath.  “No chote, he just walked in..!” Nani responded and he clenched his fists.  “Be it a coincidence!” he wished.  

When he reached home, Anjali was in her room and Sham was sitting by her side looking worried and talking to her soothingly.

“Di!” Arnav sat on the other side.  She smiled faintly.  “Don’t worry, Chote! I am alright.  It was just an accident.  I just fell down from the flight of stairs!” she said.  Arnav shuddered with the thought of the worst.

“Why can’t you be careful?’ he asked in anguish.  Sham smiled.  “I am alright, Chote! And he was there...! My everything!” Anjali held sham’s hand and patted her.  
“I am always there for you Raani Saheba! You are my everything!” he said glancing at Arnav.  He had removed her hand from Arnav’s grip and was holding both her hands as if separating her from her brother.  Arnav couldn’t bear the thought.  “Di..!” he touched her forehead.  She gripped his hand and said.

“Chote, Don’t worry! So long as he is there with me, nothing will happen to me! He is my protector..!” She gripped Sham’s hand too.
“And you know? I have a double protection, you and my everything!” she smiled at Arnav and he came out looking more worried.  “Umm Raani Saheba.. you take rest.  I will be right back!” he said and came out to see Arnav standing on the landing.

“Saale saab, don’t worry! I am here, she is safe!” he said with a glint.  Arnav gaped at him.  “What is he up to? Is my information wrong?” he gazed at Sham piercingly as if trying to read his mind.  “So long as I am with her, she is safe! Don’t worry Saale Saab!” he said with a tinge of threat! Arnav clenched his fists.  Sham was slowly and systematically moving his wife away from her real protection under the pretext of love.  Arnav gaped at this Sham.  “Is he the real one?” He thought and winced.  “I should find out!” he went away with the thought.  Sham smirked.  

“You wouldn’t dare do anything against me! Saale Saab, I always have a trump card with me!” he came back to his wife.

******   ******  ******
Khushi forgot to give the directions to Auto wala.  He frowned.  “Kahan Jaana Hain, Laxmi Nagar Main?” he asked irritably crossing the Laxmi Nagar signal.  She came back to her senses.  “Umm.. no! Take me to the temple.. Laxmi Nagar Temple!” she said.

“Pahalay batanaa thaa!” he protested taking  a U turn to the road to Mandir.
“Devi Mayya! I know, you wrote my destiny, when I was born!” she closed her eyes praying hard.  “You write for everyone.  Then how come he says he writes his own? Did you give him that power?” she asked looking at her smiling face.

“Don’t smile, like this, teasing me!” she frowned.  “Tell me, if you gave him that power, why didn’t give me too? Why do I have to depend on you for everything? Tell me Devi Mayya! I thought I have a direct connection with you and I am your favourite.  But now I see, he is more close to you.  You favour him more.  You gave him the power to write his own destiny!” she muttered sulkily.  Devi Mayya was still smiling on her.   Khushi gaped at her pleasant smile and pursed her lips sulkily. 
“So you are not going to tell me, how to write..! Fine...! I will find out myself!” Khushi turned her back on her Devi Mayya and came out of the Mandir.  Devi Mayya was still smiling.

***********   ********   *********
“Excuse me Gentlemen, I have to take this call!” said ASR going out of the conference room stopping the conversation in the middle.

“Khushi?” he was surprised to see her name flashing.
“Hello, Arnav ji?” Khushi called out.  “Khushi? Are you Ok?” he was worried.  
“No! I am Ok, Arnavji.. I just wanted to ask you...!” she went ahead loudly. 
“Volume kum karo!” he barked and she said “Sorry!” in a low tone sheepishly.
“Now, what is she up to?” he thought waiting for her to continue..
“Arnav ji, you said you write your own destiny...! I just wanted to know..!” Arnav closed his eyes in frustration.  
“You called me up to ask..!” he couldn’t believe her brainlessness.. !  “No I mean.. I just wanted to know..!” she went ahead and he blew his top in rage.  He had come out of the important meeting, which he hated to do and she was asking some crap  idiotic questions about destiny...!
“Shut up Khushi.  That requires brain which you don’t have! Stop it!” he disconnected with a frown first and then a line of smile appeared on his face. “Silly girl!” he came back taking a deep breath to come back from Arnav ji to ASR.  He resumed his presentation.  

*********   *********   ********

“Devi Mayya kay Ladlay! So you also won’t tell me..! I will find out myself.  I will also write my own destiny and undo everything that has happened to me!” she muttered furiously, walking down on the road to her home.  She felt a sudden rush of emotional outburst.  Her babuji was muted.  He would have guided her.  She broke into a run with tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Why am I so alone in this world?” she had no answer.  She had no one to turn to.  “Why am I so miserable?” she asked herself.  “Why should I be? I am going to write my own destiny... I should be cheerful to write better..!” she smiled forcibly but it remained on her face for a long time.  She actually felt cheerful.

“Humm... this is better!” she patted her back and entered her house.
“Jiji... bhookh!” she yelled from the main door and Payal understood that Khushi was back to normal.  She smiled.  She had prepared all Khushi’s favourites including jilebees...! Khushi smiled broadly.
“Aray Wah! Jiji! Meray iss ghar se jaldi jaanay ki Khushi main? Is this a parting dinner? I will be going out of this house soon!” Khushi said loudly and Payal’s heart bled with the stab.

“Khushi!” she held her hand tightly looking angrily at Buwaji.  Buwaji looked away with tears.  She too felt the pain in Khushi’s voice.  She couldn’t help.  She was doing this for the family.  
“Khushi...!” Buwaji came forward to console Khushi.  But Khushi was smiling.  “Don’t worry Buwaji, I am also equally eager to go out of this house! Just tell me when.. and Puff I will be gone!” she said looking at Buwaji.  

“Amma!” she heard a sob from Babuji’s room.  “Please..Amma!” Khushi hugged her Amma.  “Don’t cry in front of Babuji..! And don’t worry! I am perfectly alright.  All set to get married.  I have come to terms with my destiny, Amma!” Khushi said with fingers crossed at the back.

“I am not going to bow before the destiny.  I will modify it, if not write it afresh!” she was determined.  She came back for dinner to find sham entering.  
Buwaji was preparing a list of things to be done for engagement.  She wanted to invite the neighbourhood but Sham opposed the idea.  
“Let us save money, Buwaji.. We need it for Uncle’s treatment..!” he had played the emotional card and Buwaji was overwhelmed at his thoughtfulness.  

“I am thinking of a very simple marriage, Buwaji... !” he had gone ahead cashing on the same mood of Buwaji.  “But that we will decide once this is over!” he couldn’t wait for his engagement.  Khushi was on a different level.

“I will call my close friends.. Nirupa, Lavanya ji, Anjali ji.....!” she gave her list and Sham opposed.
“No, Khushi ji! We will not invite anyone.  Inviting rich people means more expenses.. We can’t afford that..!” he put it logically.

“But Lavanya ji, wouldn’t expect anything...!” Khushi protested.  “Khushi... let us discuss the invitee list later..!” Buwaji reprimanded.  “We can’t afford to spend money now!” Buwaji played her card coming to sham’s rescue.  

“Yeah.. you are right!” Khushi gave up.  Payal went inside completely frustrated.  Khushi enjoyed the food and went to bed early that day drawing the blanket over her head, meaning that she was not to be disturbed.  Payal sighed looked at the blanket and switched off the lights gazing at the ceiling.

********  ********  ******

“What the hell was she trying to find out?” he was pacing the room.  He got time in the night to think about Khushi’s phone call.  He was thoroughly puzzled.  “How to write Destiny..? Has she gone mad? I mean.. she is already!” he thought curling up his lips.  

“What was that? Why did she wanted to change her destiny?..” It was shocking for him.  “Why would one who believes in her Devi Mayya and her destiny, want to write her own destiny..?” his head spinning he threw his mobile on the bed.  

“Is she in trouble? Again?” he stopped at the thought.  “I must find out!” he dialled her number immediately.  

“Khushi? Are you Ok?” he said at once when the phone was picked up.
“Umm.. !” came a different voice.  “Payal, this is Arnav.  Where is Khushi?” he asked sounding concerned.  “Umm.. she went to bed early..!” Payal said hesitantly.  

“Is she ok?” asked Arnav again.  Payal didn’t know what to answer.  “Umm.. yes..!” she said hiding the facts.  She was not sure whether Khushi wanted to tell everything to her Monster. 

“Ok!” he disconnected feeling little relieved.  “Some weird bug must have stung her..! Pagal!” he smiled and went to bed early, switching off the lights.  The smile lingered on his face in his sleep too.